2020 Season is now open and your able to do the ACE & Background


USA Softball of Ohio Tournament Schedule

USA Softball of Ohio Registration

Registration: JO(Youth) travel teams register their players individually for insurance coverage. When you do individually registration, players receive USA ID cards and accident & liability insurance through Bollinger Insurance. This insurance covers whenever the team plays or practices in any organization play, not just USA!

Register USA: Is where you go to register your team for individual registration. The team administrator (makes decisions/changes to team on site) must create a profile, then add players and coaches to the team. Once that is done, the team admin will create invoice. Print invoice and you can mail it in with payment or you can call us and pay by credit card. After payment is received we will approve your team/coaches. Once approved you will be able to go to printable documents on your team page, and print your insurance and roster. The admin will be able to print these at any time

To begin registration for 2018, visit www.register.usa.com


Individual registration fees:

  • Non-Photo – $17.00 – Each individual player/adult (coach/manager/scorekeeper) for $250 deductible
  • Non-Photo – $28.00 – Each individual player/adult (coach/manager/scorekeeper) for $125* deductible
  • Photo ID Player (2 cards) – $23.00 – Each individual player for $250 deductible
  • Photo ID Player (2 cards) – $31.00 – Each individual player for $125* deductible
  • ASA Background Check – $11.00 – Each adult (includes card)
  • ACE Certification (Includes ASA Background Check)
  • All ACE Coaches need to do Safe Sport first before doing the ACE
    • Level 1 – $25 per coach
    • Level 2 and up – $20 per coach

*Note:  $0 deductible is no longer available

Frequently asked questions regarding individual registration.

Coverage begins when payment is received in the local USA Softball office and continues through the end of each calendar year (September 1st- August 31st).  Coverage includes $500,000 per occurrence limit of Liability Insurance, plus $250,000 Excess Accident Medical Insurance. This insurance package picks up after the individual’s primary insurance has paid in the event of a claim.  In the event the individual has no personal insurance protection; this policy does act as the primary coverage.





USA Softball, together with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), is committed to enabling a safe environment for participants involved in USA Softball.  As the National Governing Body of Softball under the USOC, USA Softball is required to communicate information to its members regarding SafeSport, and the importance of this matter.  To this end, it has developed a SafeSport Strategy for the attention of all National Office Staff, National Teams, Local Association Officials and other members of USA Softball.  USA Softball SafeSport FAQ >>


 Concussion Certification

  • All coaches need to have this. It is good for 3 years from the date taken.

2020 Youth Registration

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2020 Registration and Certification Checklist

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